Modern Round Kitchen Dining Room Sets

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Welcome to our roundup of the most elegant and modern round kitchen dining room sets! In this article, we’ll be diving into the world of sleek, stylish designs that are perfect for any modern home. If you’re looking for a seamless blend of form and function, you’re in the right place. Get ready to be inspired as we explore the latest trends and top picks for round kitchen dining room sets.

The Top 7 Best Modern Round Kitchen Dining Room Sets

  1. Classic Cherry Brown 5-Piece Round Dining Set for Small Spaces — Upgrade your dining experience with the GIA Solid Wood 5-Piece Round Dining Set in Cherry Brown, which boasts plush amenities, a hassle-free setup process, and adaptable choices for various settings.
  2. Stephen Modern Farmhouse 4-Seater Dining Table Set — Transform your dining area with the stylish Modern Farmhouse Two Tone Dining Table Set by Stephen, perfect for hosting family gatherings at Living Spaces.
  3. Becki Owens Ivy 7-Piece Dining Set with Table & Chairs — Elevate your dining experience with the stunning Ivy 7-Piece Set by Becki Owens, offering sturdy chairs, effortless assembly, and timeless design.
  4. Modern Round Dining Set for Balconies and Offices — Discover the perfect blend of modern design and functionality with this solid wood round table and leather chair set, suitable for various settings including office meetings, dining rooms, and lounges.
  5. Coastal Round Traditional Dining Set with Rustic Smoke Finish — Indulge in a rustic dining experience with the Coaster Florence 7-Piece Round Wood Dining Set, featuring a warm, inviting rustic smoke wood finish and comfortable neutral beige upholstered side chairs.
  6. 42" Round Extendable Wood Dining Set with Upholstered Chairs — Transform your dining room with Tensun’s 5-piece Retro set, featuring a round-to-oval table and upholstered chairs for a blend of sleek design and premium comfort.
  7. P PURLOVE Retro Style Extendable Round Dining Table with 4 Upholstered Chairs — Bring vintage charm to your dining experience with this extendable P PURLOVE 5-piece set, featuring country-chic style and comfortable seating options.

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Classic Cherry Brown 5-Piece Round Dining Set for Small Spaces

GIA’s round dining set boasts a lavish dining experience with an exquisite reverse diamond match veneer top and complementary padded dining room chairs. This set is meticulously crafted from solid wood and wood veneers, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also durability, making it a suitable choice for various spaces.

Comprised of a 5-piece set, you’ll find one dining table and four chairs, complete with ample storage shelves beneath the table. This cherry brown design strikes the perfect balance between traditional and modern elements, lending itself to become an adaptable addition to any dining room or kitchen.

Equipped with a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds per chair and accompanied by user-friendly assembly instructions, this round dining set is not only functional but also comfortable. The sturdiness of solid wood construction and the plushness of the padded seats ensure a long-lasting, premium piece of furniture that will undeniably elevate your home’s aesthetic.

For those searching for a contemporary and adaptable dining room or kitchen set in a cherry brown hue, the 5-piece round dining set from GIA is a perfect choice. With a range of counter height and standard height options available, this set is ideal for accommodating smaller spaces and larger dining areas.

Although some customers have raised concerns regarding delivery, the dining set itself has mainly received positive feedback from users, who appreciate its design, comfort, and overall quality. If you’re on the hunt for a stylish and practical round dining set, the GIA set is certainly worth considering.

Stephen Modern Farmhouse 4-Seater Dining Table Set


This Round Table from Stephen Modern is a stunning addition to any farmhouse kitchen. Standing at 30 inches high, it comfortably seats four with its stylish two-tone design, crafted from heavy-duty MDF. The armless, backless chairs add an airy, modern touch to the rustic farmhouse style.

Pair this delightful dining set with your favorite home decor for a cozy and vibrant dining experience.

Becki Owens Ivy 7-Piece Dining Set with Table & Chairs


The Details by Becki Owens Ivy 7-Piece Dining Set offers an elegant and cozy atmosphere for your dining room. With a natural wood table and six matching chairs, this set is designed to provide both functionality and style. The oak veneer table top features a fanning pedestal base, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look. Each of the chairs boasts performance fabric upholstery that’s both stain-resistant and comfortable, perfect for family meals.

The set’s warm wood tones and natural textures make it a fantastic addition to any dining space. Becki Owens, the exclusive creator of this collection, is known for her modern and clean designs, with this dining set being no exception. As a well-respected interior designer with a large following, she aims to transform any room into a warm, inviting, and stylish gathering spot.

While the dining set is sturdy and durable, some customers have experienced issues with missing hardware, shipping delays, and difficulty in contacting customer service. However, the majority of reviews praise the set’s appearance, comfort, and ease of assembly. Overall, the Details by Becki Owens Ivy 7-Piece Dining Set is a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen or dining room.

Modern Round Dining Set for Balconies and Offices

Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and style with this modern round kitchen dining table and chair set. Crafted with a combination of solid wood and E1 high-density board, the table boasts a moisture-proof melamine treatment that ensures easy cleaning and eliminates any odors. The four-legged frame structure provides a firm and stable base while rounded corners prevent collisions, making it safe for every room.

Comfort and convenience are not compromised with the high-quality leather chairs featuring a high-density sponge that offers excellent folding speed and optimal breathability. The steel legs are thickened, sandblasted, and resistant to fading or rust, guaranteeing a long-lasting and stylish option.

This table and chair set caters to various situations, from cafes and living rooms to offices and hotel lobbies. With a non-slip mat included, it effectively protects the floor and secures the furniture in place. Easily install it with the provided installation tools and screws, and enjoy the simplicity of its design while creating a cozy ambiance in any setting.

Coastal Round Traditional Dining Set with Rustic Smoke Finish

Indulge in a cozy dining experience with the Florence 7-piece round wood dining set. Featuring a warm rustic smoke finish, the set adds a touch of inviting charm to any dining space. The traditional dining table offers seating for six with its comfortable side chairs, each boasting tall rolled backs and an elegant beige upholstery.

The 59.75-inch diameter table provides ample space for gatherings, while the 30-inch height ensures everyone can enjoy their meals comfortably. Assembling the set is a breeze, with clear instructions and minimal tools required. Overall, the Florence set is a perfect addition to any dining room, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy.

42" Round Extendable Wood Dining Set with Upholstered Chairs

Experience the perfect harmony of style and practicality with Tensun’s Retro Dining Set. This exquisite 5-piece set, featuring a round extendable wood table and four upholstered chairs, is designed to adapt to your every dining need. The table’s 16-inch leaf extension allows it to transform from a round into an oval shape, catering to both intimate gatherings and larger parties.

Solid construction meets refined aesthetics in this dining set, with robust materials like rubber wood, MDF, and LVL providing both durability and stability. The thick planks of the tabletop and legs showcase Tensun’s commitment to creating visually appealing, sturdy foundations. The chairs, adorned with 2.4-inch plush seat cushions upholstered in premium woven fabric, guarantee both comfort and style for your guests.

This versatile, timeless dining set promises to enhance your dining experience, seamlessly adapting to your space and needs while elevating your decor. With a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs for the table and 250 lbs for each chair, you can rest assured that it will cater to your gatherings with ease.

P PURLOVE Retro Style Extendable Round Dining Table with 4 Upholstered Chairs

Get ready to impress your guests with the P PURLOVE Retro Style 5-Piece Round Dining Table Set. This charming set, perfect for both dining rooms and living spaces, comes with four extendable upholstered chairs. The table itself boasts MDF and rubber wood frame, topped with acacia wood veneer tabletop, giving it a modern farmhouse feel. Its extendable feature allows you to change the table size, making it ideal for smaller places.

The elegant design of the chairs, with fabric-covered seats and high-density foam filling, adds to the overall comfort of the set. The tables’ curved legs, made of rubber wood, not only look stunning but also add to its durability. With a table weight capacity of 300 lbs and a chair weight capacity of 250 lbs, you can rest assured that this set will stand the test of time.

While the set has its pros, one minor con could be the assembly process. However, the included tools make the process easier, and the end result is undoubtedly worth it. So if you’re looking to add a touch of charm to your dining or living space, the P PURLOVE Retro Style 5-Piece Round Dining Table Set is a great option for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for modern round kitchen dining room sets. This guide is designed to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new set for your home. We’ll cover important features, considerations, and general advice about round kitchen dining room sets.


Size and Shape

Modern round kitchen dining room sets are designed to bring people closer together, and the round shape encourages conversation and interaction. Consider the available space in your dining area and choose a set that fits comfortably without taking up too much room. Pay attention to the dimensions of the table and chairs, ensuring that they are appropriate for the number of people you expect to accommodate regularly.

Material and Construction

The material and construction of a modern round kitchen dining room set are essential factors to consider. Common materials include wood, metal, and plastic. Wood dining sets offer a warm and traditional feel, while metal sets provide a sleek and modern look. Consider the durability, ease of maintenance, and style compatibility when selecting the material for your set.


Additional Features

Modern round kitchen dining room sets often come with additional features, such as detachable leaves or extendable tables. These features allow you to expand the seating capacity for larger gatherings. Look for sets with adjustable height features, storage compartments, or built-in wine racks to maximize your dining experience.

Comfort and Style

Lastly, consider the comfort and style of the chairs included in the set. Your dining room set is a place where you and your family will spend a lot of time, so comfort is essential. Look for chairs with cushioned seats and adjustable backrests to provide proper support. When it comes to style, choose a set that complements the overall aesthetic of your dining area, whether it’s contemporary, rustic, or minimalistic.



How do I determine the right size for my dining room set?

To determine the ideal size for your modern round kitchen dining room set, consider the dimensions of your dining space and the number of diners you expect to accommodate. A good rule of thumb is to allow 36 inches of space per seat, giving you a basic measurement for an effective dining experience. By taking precise measurements of your dining area and factoring in the number of diners, you can confidently choose the right set for your home.

Taking into account the size of the dining room set and the intended seating arrangement will help you find the perfect size that complements your living space and provides optimal functionality for your family and friends to gather around comfortably and create lasting memories over delicious meals.


What materials are commonly used to make modern round kitchen dining room sets?

Modern round kitchen dining room sets can vary in material, with popular choices including metal, wood, plastic, and a combination of these materials. Metal frames are often used for their durability and sleek appeal, while wood provides warmth and adds a touch of elegance. Plastic dining sets, on the other hand, are often chosen for their lightweight design, easy cleaning, and affordability. Some contemporary designs also mix and match different materials, such as using metal legs with wood or plastic tabletops, to create a unique and visually pleasing look.

Regardless of the material, a well-designed modern round kitchen dining room set will feature sleek lines, contemporary finishes, and will seamlessly blend with your existing decor. By considering the key features and attributes of the set you want to purchase, you can ensure you make an informed decision and enjoy a beautiful new piece in your home

How do I know if my modern round kitchen dining room set is safe and durable?

To ensure your modern round kitchen dining room set is safe and durable, check for certification marks, such as the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), that guarantee its compliance with industry safety standards. Additionally, look for solid, sturdy construction and materials that can withstand regular wear and tear from day-to-day use. Manufacturers typically offer warranties to cover any manufacturing defects, providing further assurance of the longevity of your investment.

It’s also essential to consider the durability of the finishes used on the set, such as powder-coat or baked-on paints. These types of finishes are well-known for their ability to withstand dings, scratches, and fading, keeping your set looking like new for a longer time. By investing in a quality modern round kitchen dining room set, you’ll be able to enjoy both the style and functionality it provides for years to come.


What are the benefits of having a round dining table?

Round dining tables provide numerous benefits, including improved social interaction and communication among guests. The circular seating arrangement encourages everyone to be part of the conversation, fostering a more engaging dining experience. This design also creates more space for placing serving dishes, condiments, and other essentials at the table, giving your dining area a more organized and functional feel.

Round dining tables, especially those with a modern design, can make a bold statement in your dining room, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your interior. From contemporary glass or metal tables to more traditional wooden designs, there are numerous styles and materials to choose from to find a round dining table that seamlessly integrates into your living space and reflects your personal taste.

What are the top designers creating modern round kitchen dining room sets?

Modern round kitchen dining room sets are designed by various renowned interior designers and furniture makers. Here are a few top names in the industry known for their innovative and stylish designs: B & B Italia, Kartell, Emeco, Kruk, and Artefacto. These designers work in collaboration with renowned architects and renowned furniture makers to create exceptional dining sets characterized by contemporary curves and elegant finishes that transform your living space into a modern paradise.

As you evaluate different options for your modern round kitchen dining room sets, researching the reputations of the designers and manufacturers can help ensure that you make a quality investment that not only adds style and elegance to your dining area but also holds its value over time. By staying informed and working with trusted brands and designers, you can be confident in your choice and enjoy your new dining set for years to come.

How do I choose the right color scheme for my modern round kitchen dining room set?

Choosing the right color scheme for your modern round kitchen dining room set can significantly impact the overall appearance of your dining area. Consider the color scheme of your existing decor, as well as the materials, textures, and finishes used in the set itself, when selecting a complementary color palette. Remember that contrasting colors can make a bold statement, while more neutral shades provide a harmonious and cohesive look.

When in doubt, opt for a timeless combination of white, black, and shades of gray, as well as metallics like chrome, gold, and silver. These neutral shades will blend seamlessly with various decor styles and are versatile enough to be updated easily with accent colors and new accessories. By carefully considering the colors, materials, and finishes that work best for your specific setting, you’ll be able to find a modern round kitchen dining room set that enhances the ambiance of your dining area and serves as the perfect centerpiece for your gatherings.

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