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Cameron Parks
13 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the best USB to AUX adapters! Are you sick of constantly worrying about carrying the right cable for your music player? Do you want to streamline your audio experience and simplify your life? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve gathered the top-rated USB to AUX adapters that will make your life easier and your music accessible in any car or any sound system.

The Top 7 Best Usb To Auxs

  1. High-Quality USB Audio Jack Adapter — Upgrade your audio experience with this USB to 3.5mm Audio Jack Adapter, providing high sound quality and extensive compatibility for all your device needs.
  2. USB-C Audio Adapter for Headphones and MP3 Players — Experience seamless audio connection with the Onn Auxiliary 3.5mm to USB-C Adapter, featuring high durability, easy installation, and optimal sound quality.
  3. DUKABEL USB to 3.5mm Aux Adapter with Built-in Sound Card for Headsets — Dukabel’s 2-in-1 USB Audio Adapter transforms your PC into a versatile audio hub, effortlessly enhancing sound quality with its seamless 0 to 1 setup and compatibility with PlayStation consoles, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows 10.
  4. White 3.5mm Male Aux to USB Cable — Elevate your automotive audio adventures with this 3.5mm Aux to USB Cable, now available in pristine white. Renowned for its premium sound quality, this cable offers a practical length for swift and hassle-free usage.
  5. USB to AUX Car Adapter for MP3 Playback — This 3.5mm male Audio Aux Jack to USB 2.0 Type A Female Converter Cable allows you to play MP3 music from a USB flash drive through your car’s AUX socket, without storing too much data or creating folders on the U disk.
  6. USB to Aux Adapter: Dual-Function Audio Cable for PC, Laptop, PS4, and More — Experience hassle-free audio with the DuKabel USB to Aux Cable, featuring a built-in chip for superior listening experience, universal compatibility, and easy plug-and-play setup.
  7. DUKABEL USB to Aux Adapter — Perfect for Headsets with Separate Microphone Plugs — Upgrade your audio adventure with DuKabel’s USB to 3.5mm Jack TRS Aux Adapter, an adaptable 2-in-1 gadget for uninterrupted sound improvement, imbedded intelligent chip functionality, and compatibility with an extensive variety of devices.

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High-Quality USB Audio Jack Adapter

I’ve been using the USB to 3.5mm Audio Jack Adapter for a while now, and it has come in handy in several situations. The device works seamlessly with my computer, providing high-quality sound that enhances my daily listening and communication experiences. The smart chip ensures optimum audio quality, decoding signals efficiently for exceptional compatibility with various platforms and systems.

One of the things I appreciate about this gadget is its portability and durability. The premium metal case holds up well, and the cotton braided wire adds an extra touch of longevity. I love how the adapter is easy to set up, requiring minimal effort to get it up and running. So far, I’ve experienced no issues with this product, and I would definitely recommend it to others who may need an alternative sound card or a reliable audio adapter.

USB-C Audio Adapter for Headphones and MP3 Players


I recently needed an adapter to connect my headphones to my USB-C supported devices like my smartphone and MP3 player. I came across the Onn. Auxiliary 3.5mm to USB-C Audio Adapter, and it seemed like the perfect solution for my needs. The adapter was quite small, measuring at 4.3 inches, and came in a sleek black color.

First, I wanted to test this adapter with my smartphone. The installation process was straightforward, and the adapter fit securely into the USB-C port. I was pleased with the sound quality produced by the adapter, and it allowed me to enjoy my music without any distortion or static, which was a major concern for me.

One of the aspects that truly impressed me about this adapter was its build quality. It felt well-made and sturdy, and I appreciated the thick cable that reduced the chance of damage during transportation. The adapter also fit quite snugly into my devices, and I never had to worry about it falling out or coming loose.

After testing it with my smartphone, I decided to try using the adapter in my car. I connected it to the onboard auxiliary audio system, and it worked perfectly, allowing me to enjoy my music in the car without any issues. I also used the adapter to connect my devices to a home theater system, and it worked seamlessly, providing an immersive audio experience.

However, one issue I faced while using the adapter was the volume output. At times, the sound felt slightly muffled, and I had to adjust the volume several times before getting it right. Additionally, I noticed that some of my headphones produced a slight buzzing sound when connected to the adapter. Although it wasn’t a significant problem, it was something that I thought was worth mentioning.

Overall, the Onn. Auxiliary 3.5mm to USB-C Audio Adapter met most of my expectations. The audio quality was impressive, and the adapter was well-built, making it a reliable choice for connecting my headphones to various devices. While I did experience some minor issues, they were not significant enough to detract from the overall quality of the adapter. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of an affordable and reliable audio adapter for their USB-C devices.

DUKABEL USB to 3.5mm Aux Adapter with Built-in Sound Card for Headsets


The Long USB Audio Adapter by Dukabel offers an all-in-one solution for gamers and audio enthusiasts who need to enhance their sound experience. With its dual-function design, this nifty adapter supports both listening and speaking, making it an essential addition to your audio setup. Designed for compatibility with a range of hardware platforms like PlayStation 4, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 10, and PC, this adapter works seamlessly with your computer, PS4, and PS5 consoles.

Measuring just 6.3 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches, this compact adapter is easy to store and transport, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go audio needs. Its minimalist design and simple setup process let you get started instantly, with just a plug-and-play setup required. The adapter features a 3-pole 3.5mm jack, allowing you to connect your existing headphones, headset, speakers, or microphone to your PC or console effortlessly.

While the Dukabel USB Audio Adapter boasts fantastic sound quality, there is a slight drawback to its design. The adapter’s power plug type is non-existent, which may pose a challenge for users seeking to maintain a consistent power source for their audio devices. Overall, this 2-in-1 essential provides an easy-to-use solution for audio enthusiasts looking to enhance their experience across multiple hardware platforms.

White 3.5mm Male Aux to USB Cable


Recently, I found myself in need of a versatile and affordable audio cable to connect my phone to my car’s stereo system. This 3.5mm male to USB Cable, White, seemed like the perfect fit. It boasts a sleek, white design that blends in with any car’s interior. One thing that stood out was its connectivity — plugging the 3.5mm male end into the AUX interface of my car instantly allowed me to play songs from a USB flash disk connected via the USB interface.

Using this cable in my daily commute was effortless, and the sound quality was surprisingly crisp, thanks to the stereo extended music tone. However, I encountered some challenges when using it with my car’s navigation system, as the cable seemed too short to reach the back of the navigation screen for controls. I also noticed that the plastic and copper material was quite delicate, causing it to break easily if handled roughly. I’m not sure if this is an isolated issue or a common occurrence among similar products, so proceed with caution if you plan on using it frequently or in rough conditions.

USB to AUX Car Adapter for MP3 Playback


I recently tried this 3.5mm male to USB 2.0 Type A female converter cable, which is a perfect companion for my car stereo system. It transformed my USB flash drive into a music player without requiring a complicated setup. The cable was easy to install and use, allowing me to enjoy my MP3 playlist on the go.

The primary highlight of this product is its compatibility with car AUX ports with no decoding function. It’s like having a hidden treasure in your car, ready to play your favorite music with ease. However, there’s one thing you need to consider — the USB flash drive should not have too many files. The size of the playlist matters, as different car AUX systems have different storage support limits.

The cable comes with a straightforward design, having a USB end on one side and a 3.5mm audio jack on the other. It was reliable and efficient in its performance, but I noticed it wasn’t a charger cable. So, it’s essential to remember that it’s designed solely for playing music through your USB flash drive.

Overall, this 3.5mm male to USB 2.0 Type A female converter cable is a great investment for anyone looking to enjoy their music on the move without any complications.

USB to Aux Adapter: Dual-Function Audio Cable for PC, Laptop, PS4, and More


I recently tried the DuKabel USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter, and I have to say that it’s been a game-changer for my daily life. I used to struggle with audio issues on my laptop or my gaming console, but this little USB adapter has fixed all that.

The best part? It’s so easy to set up. I simply plug it in, and my system recognizes it within seconds. No external power required, and no driver downloads either. It’s just that easy.

Now, the adapter supports TRRS headsets and microphones, which means you can not only listen but also make calls with this nifty little gadget. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices, including PCs, PS4s, PS5s, you name it. I’ve even used it with my Raspberry Pi, and it worked like a charm.

But, there have been a couple of downsides. Firstly, it doesn’t work with TVs, cars, or other devices that aren’t listed in the compatibility section. And secondly, the build quality isn’t top-notch. But overall, I’d say it’s been a very good investment for the price.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a versatile USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter that’s easy to set up and works with a wide range of devices, the DuKabel USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter is worth considering. Just remember to check the compatibility list beforehand and be prepared for the occasional build quality issue.

DUKABEL USB to Aux Adapter — Perfect for Headsets with Separate Microphone Plugs


DuKabel’s USB to 3.5mm Jack TRS AUX Adapter is a handy tool for those seeking a quick and convenient solution to connect their USB and 3.5mm compatible devices. This adapter features a sleek metal casing, offering protection against damages, and comes with a cotton braiding to prevent tangles and bending. The 9.8-inch cable supports dual functions, allowing for listening and speaking simultaneously.

Simply plug and play, with no external power required for this USB bus-powered device. However, it does not support TS or TRRS connectors, nor is it compatible with PS3. The smart chip built into this adapter enhances your listening experience, optimizing the analog signal to make for a clearer sound.

Overall, this USB to 3.5mm Jack TRS AUX Adapter is a dependable accessory for your daily audio needs.

Buyer’s Guide

USB to AUX adapters are essential gadgets for people who want to connect their devices to various audio systems. In this guide, we will discuss the key features, considerations, and general advice for selecting the best USB to AUX adapter for your needs.

Choose the Right Connector Types

Before purchasing a USB to AUX adapter, it is crucial to identify the connector types on both ends of the cable. There are two main types of USB connectors: USB-A and USB-C. Similarly, there are three types of AUX connectors: 3.5mm stereo jack, RCA (Red and White), and Cinch. Make sure the adapter you choose has the appropriate connectors for your devices and audio systems.

Consider Durability and Build Quality

Ensure the USB to AUX adapter has a durable and sturdy construction, especially if it will be used frequently or in harsh environments. Check the cable length, connector design, and materials used to determine the adapter’s overall durability and build quality. A good-quality adapter should last longer and withstand daily use without any issues.

Check for Compatibility with Your Devices

While most USB to AUX adapters are compatible with various devices, it is essential to verify if the adapter you are interested in will work with your specific devices. Some adapters may only be compatible with certain operating systems or devices with specific USB versions. Check the manufacturer’s specifications or user reviews to ensure the adapter is compatible with your devices.

Consider Additional Features

Some USB to AUX adapters offer additional features such as built-in microphones, volume controls, or noise-canceling technology. If you need these extra features, look for adapters with these options. However, if you primarily need a simple connection between your devices and audio systems, a basic USB to AUX adapter should suffice.


What is the purpose of a USB to AUX adapter?

A USB to AUX adapter serves the purpose of converting audio signals from a USB connection to an AUX (3.5mm) jack. This allows audio produced by a computer or other USB-enabled device to be played through a stereo system or other sound systems with AUX input. This can be particularly useful for playing music or audio content from a computer through a car stereo, headphone, or home theater system.

Some adapters may also include extra features such as a built-in microphone for hands-free calling or volume control buttons for easier usage during operation. The basic idea is to facilitate the connection and transmission of audio from a USB source to an AUX input device, making it more convenient for users who prefer to use their USB-enabled devices as audio players rather than relying on built-in speakers.

How should I choose the right USB to AUX adapter?

To choose the right USB to AUX adapter, you should consider several factors. First, check the compatibility of the adapter with your computer or device. Make sure the USB connector is compatible with your USB port, and the AUX connector is suitable for your sound system. The length of the cable can also be an important factor, depending on the distance between your computer and your sound system. You should also consider any extra features such as a built-in microphone or volume control buttons that might be useful for your specific needs.

Additionally, you should consider the quality of the adapter. Look for adapters from reputable manufacturers with good reviews, as this can indicate the adapter’s reliability and performance. Reading customer reviews can also provide valuable insights into the adapter’s ease of use and overall performance.

How do I use a USB to AUX adapter?

Using a USB to AUX adapter is a relatively simple process. First, connect the USB end of the adapter to your computer or USB-enabled device. Then, connect the AUX (3.5mm) end of the adapter to your sound system or other AUX input device. Once connected, audio from your computer or device will be transmitted through the adapter to the sound system, allowing you to play music or audio content through your stereo or other AUX input device.

If your adapter has a built-in microphone, you can use that for hands-free calling. Some adapters also have volume control buttons, which can be used to adjust the volume of the audio being played via the adapter. These buttons are usually positioned next to the AUX connector and can be convenient for making quick adjustments without having to reach for your computer or device.

What are the advantages of using a USB to AUX adapter?

Using a USB to AUX adapter offers several advantages. First and foremost, it allows you to play audio from your computer or USB-enabled device through your home theater system, car stereo, or other sound systems with AUX input. This makes it possible to enjoy high-quality audio from your computer or device through a better sound system, enhancing your overall audio experience.

Second, using a USB to AUX adapter can be more convenient than relying on built-in speakers. This is especially true for computers, where speakers may be small or of lower quality. By using a USB to AUX adapter, you can easily connect your computer to a high-quality sound system or other audio devices, making it easier to enjoy your favorite music and audio content.

Can I use a USB to AUX adapter with different types of devices?

Yes, you can use a USB to AUX adapter with different types of devices. Most modern devices that support audio output through a USB connection can be used with a USB to AUX adapter. This includes computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even gaming consoles with USB audio support. As long as the device supports audio output through a USB connection, you should be able to use a USB to AUX adapter to connect it to a sound system or other AUX input device and play audio through it.

It is always best to check the specifications of the adapter and your device to ensure compatibility. Some adapters may also have specific requirements, such as requiring a certain operating system or driver, so be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the adapter works correctly with your device.

How do I troubleshoot a USB to AUX adapter that is not working?

If your USB to AUX adapter is not working, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take. First, ensure that both the USB and AUX connections are securely plugged in. Loose connections can prevent the adapter from working properly. Next, try plugging the adapter into a different USB port on your computer or device.

If the adapter still does not work, ensure that your computer or device’s audio output settings are correctly configured. You may need to check the sound settings to make sure the adapter is selected as the output device. Additionally, if you have any audio software installed on your computer, ensure that it is not interfering with the adapter’s functionality. Uninstalling or updating audio software may help resolve any compatibility issues.

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